Shavuot in Spain!

As we celebrate the giving of the Torah this Shavuot, please join us for a special

Shavuot Afternoon Learning Program

Sunday, June 9 – Please RSVP!

Celebrate Shavuot with the cuisine and the Torah of the Jewish communities of Spain. Come enjoy a delicious dairy lunch featuring pre-Inquisition traditional Renaissance Spanish delicacies. Stay for the dessert buffet & our Annual Shavuot Afternoon Learning Program on topics inspired by Jewish Spain and the Torah scholars who lived there.

Shavuot Morning Services, including the reading of Megillat Rut (The Book of Ruth), begin at 9am on Sunday, June 9.

Lunch Menu

  • Mayor González’ Panezicos (Bread Rolls)
  • Aceitunas (Olives)
  • Manjarejos de Ajos (Garlic Snacks)
  • Juana Núñez’ Lechugas y Rábanos(Lettuce & Radish Salad)
  • Pedro de la Caballeria’s Huevos Haminados (Vermilioned Eggs)
  • Catalina de Teva’s Cazuela de Berenjenas Rellenas (Stuffed Eggplants)
  • Diego García Costello’s Wife’s Empanada de Pescado (Fish in Pastry)
  • Mayor Gonzalez’ Cazuela de Huevos y Zanahorias (Egg & Carrot Dish)
  • Aldonza Lainez’ Olla de Nabos con Queso (Turnip & Cheese Dish)
  • Marquesa Badia’s Faves Tenres(Tender Beans)
Afternoon Learning Program

  • Naomi Israel – “Exposed by an Eggplant”: A Culinary History of Spanish Jewry, during Lunch
  • Introduction & Brief Overview of Spanish Jewry & Torah Sages –Rabbi Ron, 1:30
  • My Jewish Ancestries – Oswald Baca, 1:45
  • A Kabbalist’s Introduction to Pshat– Daniel Israel, 2:30
  • Space, Time, Soul & The Festivals – Jay Taffel, 3:15
  • A Bit of Chassidus from the Izhbitzer Rebbe – Len Goodman, 4:00
  • Superstitions in Judaism – Perspectives from the Spanish Sages  – Rabbi Ron, 4:45


Suggested: $18.00

I’d like to Co-Sponsor this event!