Matanot L’Evyonim

Deadline: Thursday Night, February 25

One of the requirements of the holiday of Purim is “Matanot L’evyonim”  (gifts for the poor), whereby we are to give monetary gifts to at least two poor people. Many of us are not personally acquainted with people in dire need to whom we can give these gifts on Purim day; however, we now have the opportunity to fulfill this mitzvah by supporting a very special organization in Israel. Od Yosef Chai is committed to helping the poor in a manner that does not compromise the recipient’s dignity and self-respect.  Much thought and effort is given to the achievement of this goal.

Through exercising our responsibility toward those who are less fortunate, we can make the world a better place for us all. Please lend this project your full support and send in your generous donation to Od Yosef Chai’s Matanos L’Evyonim Campaign. You will have fulfilled one of the great mitzvot of the day of Purim and brightened the lives of the many poor in our Holy Land.

100% of donations collected are used to fulfill your obligation in Matanot L’Evyonim.

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