Lulav & Etrog


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Order your Arba Minim/Four Species: Lulav (Palm), Etrog (Citron), Aravos (Willow), and Hadassim (Myrtle) today! Your secure order will be delivered to Kol BeRamah, and will be ready for pickup after Yom Kippur. We’ll let you know when they’ve arrived. Order Deadline: Sunday, September 20!

Chag Sameach!



What are the Arbah Minim/Four Species?

It is a mitzvah during the holiday of Sukkot to shake the Arbah Minim, or four species. A complete set includes: 1 etrog (citron), 1 lulav (palm frond), 2 aravot (willow branches), and 3 hadassim (myrtle branches).

It is a tradition with the mitzvah of Arbah Minim to try to obtain an especially beautiful etrog, within one’s means. Characteristics of a particularly fine etrog include a surface free from marks and discolorations, a uniform and pleasing color, and a symmetrical form. In larger communities it is common for individuals to visit the market in order to select the most beautiful set that they can find.

Of course, all sets are 100% certified kosher for the mitzvah.