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  • “Half-Shekel” Campaign


    In Biblical times, each year every Jew was required to contribute a half-shekel for the maintenance of our Holy Temple.  The rich did not give more, nor the poor less, so that every person would have an equal share in the service.  The collection would take place in this month of Adar, so as to be ready for Pesach.

    KBR needs your help!  The last year has been tough financially, and our reserves are low.  If every one of our regular supporters would give an extra $50 as a “half-shekel” it would be enough to put us back on track.  Please help us meet our goal in time for Pesach.

  • Torah

    Aliyah Donation

    Donation upon receiving an aliyah to the Torah.

  • Brunch with Charles Silver

    From: $0.00

    Historical records reveal that less than 1 % of one million Polish Jewish children survived the Holocaust. Charles Silver, born in 1942 in the Radom, Poland ghetto, is one of these lucky children.

    Hear his and his family’s story during a brunch at KBR on Sunday, August 4, 11am. Sponsored by Barry Schrager & Audrey Goldings.

    FREE for Friends of KBR Members in good standing.

    Non-members: $10/each (suggested donation)

  • Donate A Chumash


    This is the Chumash that we use for Shabbat and holiday services, as well as for learning during the week.  It contains the Hebrew text and English translations of the Torah, the Haftarahs, and the Five Megillot, as well as a comprehensive commentary.

  • Donate A Library Book


    The Kol BeRamah library includes both references works and books available for loan.  The list here are some particular items that we have determined are vitally needed for our library.  If there is another book you are interested in donating, which is not listed here, please speak to the Rabbi.

  • Friends of KBR

    By becoming a member of Y’didim/Friends of Kol BeRamah you help support our general operations, speakers, and special programming.  Regular membership is $1,600/year, which can can be paid monthly by credit card online.  You can also send your monthly or yearly check to KBR.

    For other payment options, contact

  • Friends of KBR (OLD)

    From: $50.00 / month

    By becoming a member of Y’didim/Friends of Kol BeRamah you help support our general operations, speakers, and special programming.

    In order to sustain our community, we ask everyone who is able to join at the $1,600/year (or more) level, either by pledging an additional gift amount, or by joining one of our giving societies.

    • Chevrat HaTorah (the Torah Society) supports the Rabbi’s continuing presence in our community.
    • Chevrat HaBayit (the Building Society) supports rent and upkeep of our beautiful facility.

    Basic Membership: $600/year ($50/month)

  • General Donation

    Help support KBR with a one-time donation of any amount.

  • High Holiday Prayerbooks


    Donate Artscroll Machzorim (High Holiday prayerbooks).  This is the book we use at Kol BeRamah on the High Holidays.  The price includes a two-book set, one for Rosh HaShannah and one for Yom Kippur.

  • Library Fund

    A dedicated fund to be used for purchasing books for KBR’s library.  The library includes both references works and books available for loan.

  • Rabbi Scher Memorial Fund

    May Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Scher’s memory be a blessing for all his family and friends and for all his beloved Kol BeRamah community.

    Dr. Scher has also requested that any donations that people wish to give in Rav Mordechai’s memory be given to Kol Beramah, to the Rabbi Scher Memorial Fund.

    May Hashem comfort the family among all mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

    A fund, directed by the Rabbi, to support individuals in need, other worthy organizations, and underfunded KBR activities he wishes to prioritize.

  • Rabbinic Candidate Sponsorships

  • Shavuot in Spain!

    Suggested: $18.00
    As we celebrate the giving of the Torah this Shavuot, please join us for a special

    Shavuot Afternoon Learning Program

    Sunday, June 9 – Please RSVP!

    Celebrate Shavuot with the cuisine and the Torah of the Jewish communities of Spain. Come enjoy a delicious dairy lunch featuring pre-Inquisition traditional Renaissance Spanish delicacies. Stay for the dessert buffet & our Annual Shavuot Afternoon Learning Program on topics inspired by Jewish Spain and the Torah scholars who lived there.

    Shavuot Morning Services, including the reading of Megillat Rut (The Book of Ruth), begin at 9am on Sunday, June 9.

    Lunch Menu

    • Mayor González’ Panezicos (Bread Rolls)
    • Aceitunas (Olives)
    • Manjarejos de Ajos (Garlic Snacks)
    • Juana Núñez’ Lechugas y Rábanos(Lettuce & Radish Salad)
    • Pedro de la Caballeria’s Huevos Haminados (Vermilioned Eggs)
    • Catalina de Teva’s Cazuela de Berenjenas Rellenas (Stuffed Eggplants)
    • Diego García Costello’s Wife’s Empanada de Pescado (Fish in Pastry)
    • Mayor Gonzalez’ Cazuela de Huevos y Zanahorias (Egg & Carrot Dish)
    • Aldonza Lainez’ Olla de Nabos con Queso (Turnip & Cheese Dish)
    • Marquesa Badia’s Faves Tenres(Tender Beans)
    Afternoon Learning Program

    • Naomi Israel – “Exposed by an Eggplant”: A Culinary History of Spanish Jewry, during Lunch
    • Introduction & Brief Overview of Spanish Jewry & Torah Sages –Rabbi Ron, 1:30
    • My Jewish Ancestries – Oswald Baca, 1:45
    • A Kabbalist’s Introduction to Pshat– Daniel Israel, 2:30
    • Space, Time, Soul & The Festivals – Jay Taffel, 3:15
    • A Bit of Chassidus from the Izhbitzer Rebbe – Len Goodman, 4:00
    • Superstitions in Judaism – Perspectives from the Spanish Sages  – Rabbi Ron, 4:45


  • Virtual Yizkor Book

    Suggested: $18.00

    May G-d remember the soul of my departed loved on, who has gone on to his or her world, because, without making a vow, I shall give to charity on his or her behalf.  -The Yizkor Prayer

    Four times a year (Passover, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot), we remember our loved ones who have gone to their eternal home in the Yizkor prayer.  As part of the Yizkor service, we give charity so that the merit of our mitzvah can be an elevation for their souls.

    Kol BeRamah is introducing a wonderful opportunity for performing this mitzvah.  By pledging now, in advance of the holiday, you can have your loved ones listed in our Virtual Yizkor Book.  During the Yizkor service at Kol BeRamah, we will be saying a special memorial prayer for all those listed, by name.

    For only $18 per name, your loved one will be included for Yizkor of both Passover and Shavuot.

    View our Virtual Yizkor Book.

  • Yahrzeit Donation

    Donate as a merit to the neshamah of your loved one on his or her yahrzeit.