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  • “Half-Shekel” Campaign


    In Biblical times, each year every Jew was required to contribute a half-shekel for the maintenance of our Holy Temple.  The rich did not give more, nor the poor less, so that every person would have an equal share in the service.  The collection would take place in this month of Adar, so as to be ready for Pesach.

    KBR needs your help!  The last year has been tough financially, and our reserves are low.  If every one of our regular supporters would give an extra $50 as a “half-shekel” it would be enough to put us back on track.  Please help us meet our goal in time for Pesach.

  • Friends of KBR

    From: $50.00 / month

    By becoming a member of Y’didim/Friends of Kol BeRamah you help support our general operations, speakers, and special programming.

    In order to sustain our community, we ask everyone who is able to join at the $1,600/year (or more) level, either by pledging an additional gift amount, or by joining one of our giving societies.

    • Chevrat HaTorah (the Torah Society) supports the Rabbi’s continuing presence in our community.
    • Chevrat HaBayit (the Building Society) supports rent and upkeep of our beautiful facility.

    Basic Membership: $600/year ($50/month)

  • Virtual Yizkor Book

    Suggested: $18.00

    May G-d remember the soul of my departed loved on, who has gone on to his or her world, because, without making a vow, I shall give to charity on his or her behalf.  -The Yizkor Prayer

    Four times a year (Passover, Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot), we remember our loved ones who have gone to their eternal home in the Yizkor prayer.  As part of the Yizkor service, we give charity so that the merit of our mitzvah can be an elevation for their souls.

    Kol BeRamah is introducing a wonderful opportunity for performing this mitzvah.  By pledging now, in advance of the holiday, you can have your loved ones listed in our Virtual Yizkor Book.  During the Yizkor service at Kol BeRamah, we will be saying a special memorial prayer for all those listed, by name.

    For only $18 per name, your loved one will be included for Yizkor of both Passover and Shavuot.

    View our Virtual Yizkor Book.