The Pesach Seder is usually a time for community, joining together with family and friends, whether in our homes, or as part of our KBR Community Seder. This year, our highest priority must be keeping our community, and the world, safe from the COVID-19. Yesterday, the NM Department of Health announced a ban on public or private gatherings of 5 or more people. In accordance with the guidance of the Orthodox Union (OU) and the State of New Mexico, KBR strongly urges everyone stay in their own homes for the Seder (no traveling, no guests).

A single guest may be invited under only the following circumstances:

  • The guest is a single person who is unable to have a Seder him- or herself.
  • The total number of participants in the Seder will be four or fewer.
  • Both the guest and the host(s) are healthy, with no warning symptoms of COVID-19, and have not traveled in the past 14 days.

Let us take this as a special opportunity to have an extra special Seder with our families. KBR is providing all the resources we can to help you have your Seder at home. Rabbi Kelman is teaching a special online class on making your own Seder and preparing for Passover, and is available to answer your questions. Our website also has many resources, and has a page to post info or questions about kosher for Passover foods. You can sell your chametz through Rabbi Kelman at this link. Finally, we have a limited number of Seder Starter Kits (including hand made shmura matza, wine, grape juice, and a haggadah) available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thank you, and may you and your love ones have a happy, kosher, and healthy Pesach. And may we merit to fulfill the closing words of the Seder: “Next year in Jerusalem,” together in health.

Passover Guides are available at the following websites:

We encourage you to review New Mexico’s state coronavirus prevention guidelines.