Women’s Chodesh Shevat Collage Workshop

Create a personal collage piece representative of Chodesh Shevat, Tu b’Shevat, the Seven Species/Shiv’at haMinim, or another related topic.

One aspect of Tu b’Shevat, which we often hear about, is recycling/ michzoor. This art workshop allows for the transformation of everyday objects, and recyclable items, into personal expressions of Jewish themed art. One is invited to find a subject close to one’s heart and develop it into a personal art piece. The medium with which one works depends on what is available or desired by each participant.

For example, one may choose to dress up a framed mirror. Another may repurpose an old round tray into an art piece. A third might create a small book, while a fourth will choose a flat, two dimensional cardboard card.
Included are several renditions of this art form, that match some of my suggestions. Enjoy looking at the photos in the links below, illustrating the above ideas.

All of the above are acceptable mediums into which one can lay the gifts of the heart, as are many other options. Please feel free to use your imagination as to possible other mediums you would like to work with.
After all, this is a free-form art piece. 

Find a comfortable spot to work in/on, large enough to hold your main medium plus the supplies of your choosing, suggested options below:

  • Scissors and glue (strong glue for heavier supplies)
  • Magazines, calendars, gift wrap, etc. work well as a base for a picture idea for a collage. One may add personal family or nature photos. 
  • Colorful fabrics, beads, stones, shells, decorative glass flat beads, cellophane pieces of various colors, etc, afford you the opportunity for transparency, as well as a three-dimensional feel for your work.  
  • Printed words from newspapers, magazines, books, or even added personal writing and/or calligraphy (for hand-lettered options, please have on hand permanent markers and/or paints)

The best of your personal self can shine in the light of this shared creative experience.  While some of us may finish an art piece during this session, others may choose to finish their piece at a slower pace. Please don’t be surprised if an idea comes to you after being done, which you are encouraged to add to an existing piece. Just like our life not being static, so is our creativity, as we continue sharing ourselves with our World. 

May it help us bring closer a better World.  

Looking forward to our shared creativity in honor of the month of Shevat!

Brief Bio: Growing up in Israel during periods of war has both informed Zipporah’s world-view and contributed to the construction of her internal landscape. In addition to allowing creative expression, writing and visual art provide vehicles for Zipporah to translate her experiences and impressions into a language that reaches others as well as providing reprieve from stresses caused by world events. As a story-teller, Zipporah has interacted with children and adults using art, and writing as tools to foster understanding and appreciation of cultural/religious diversity within Jewish and interfaith communities. Since 1982, Zipporah, an Israeli-American woman, has taught Hebrew and Judaics in Capital District Jewish institutions and, has also provided individualized Hebrew instruction to adults and children. Since 1997, Zipporah has acted as an organizing/ downsizing consultant, and in 2009 created her current business –“Your Personal Space,” which assists people in reorganizing their living environment to accommodate increase/reduction in family size, reconfigure personal space to meet new physical mobility needs, calmly declutter spaces belonging to people with hoarding tendencies — all while maintaining client dignity and self-esteem. As of January 2021, Zipporah and her partner have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. Zipporah lives in Niskayuna, NY. 


Jan 24 2021


4:00 pm



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