Third Annual Summer SEED – 8/14-21

Count Your Blessings, Make Your Blessings CountSEED2011

KBR is excited to invite the Santa Fe Jewish Community to SEED: our annual initiative, bringing a taste of traditional Jewish learning in a personalized, relaxed environment. This year, we’ll be joined by two couples, visiting scholars from Beth Medrash Gevoha. Our focus is brachot, blessings.

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Scholar-in-Residence Weekend

Rabbi Korobkinfeaturing Rabbi Daniel Korobkin
Special Weekend, April 1-2

Who Were the Khazars?
What Does it Mean to be Chosen?
Is the Afterlife in the Bible?

Jewish Meditation Workshop

meditateSunday, August 8, from 3:30-5pm, Kol BeRamah will be offering a workshop on Jewish Meditation, led by Len Moskowitz.  Please register now to reserve your space.