Parshat Terumah & Parshat Zachor – February 20, 2021 – 8 Adar 5781

Parshat Teruma

  • Shemot/Exodus 25:1-27:19
  • Stone Chumash, p.444
  • Number of verses: 96
  • Haftorah: I Samuel 15, Stone Chumash, p. 1214

Parshat Zachor

  • Torah Reading: Deuteronomy 25:17-19; Stone Chumash, p. 1066

Important Shabbat Times

  • Candle lighting:    5:31p
  • Sunrise (Vatikin): 6:45:15a
  • Latest Shmah:      9:31a
  • Earliest Mincha: 12:45p
    Havdalah:              6:25p
  • Zoom Havdalah:   6:45p

Parshat Teruma: Our Parsha contains the detailed instructions for the construction of the Tabernacle and is best described in pictures, rather than words. Please see the images below.

Overview of The Tabernacle

The Mishkan (Tabernacle) & Its Contents, continued

The Holy Ark
The Table of the “Face Bread”
The Menorah
The Golden Incense Altar
An example of one of the 28 “Krashim” (beams)
Diagram of all the Krashim together