Thanking G-d for the Generations

Eight years ago I joined a new rank of “honored citizens:” I’ve become, kine hora, a Nonna (grandmother!). To actually be there and witness a little baby come into this world, a new person as if out of nowhere, seems incredible indeed. 

I am full of awe for the Creator of the universe for the miracle of life. But there is more: this is not a baby; it is a link in a golden chain, a continuation of my people. 

The baby will carry our personal traits, but more importantly, our collective ones too. Our heritage and our emunah, our faith ,to the next generations. 

After all we’ve been through as a people, this is so important. Recently, a little Italian boy in the small village of Mombaroccio wrote in a letter he sent my mother, “I can’t believe that the Sarano family (my mother’s maiden name) survived after all they suffered during the Holocaust!” 

The entire Jewish people survived. To that little boy I want to say, “Not only have we survived, we have multiplied! We have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, all present and accounted for, to continue that golden chain.” 

We are grateful that the chain of the generations is lengthening and strengthening. I am grateful to Hashem for the generations. 

I love my babies, Odelia Emunah , Anaelle Hadassah , and …the newest addition… Aharon Ellazar Pinchas .

To all of you, I wish you a wonderful life. I wish that you merit seeing your own continuation for the generations, your contribution to the golden chain. Ad biat goel tzedek, till the coming of Moshiach. Amen.