Passover Halachic Times for Santa Fe

Tuesday, April 7

  •     Bedikat Chametz/Search for Chametz, 8pm

Wednesday, April 8 Erev Pesach

  • Fast of the First Born begins 5:28am
  • Zoom Siyum for the Firstborn, 8:30am
  • Latest Time to Eat Chametz, 10:32am
  • Latest to Burn Chametz, 11:49am
  • Candle Lighting for Yom Tov, 7:13pm
  • Earliest Time to Start Seder, 8:11pm
  • Midnight (eat Afikomen before) 1:05am

Thursday, April 9 Pesach I

  • Earliest Candle Lighting & Start of 2nd Seder, 8:12pm
  • Midnight (eat Afikomen before) 1:05am

Friday, April 10 Pesach II, Day 1 of the Omer

  •  Candle Lighting for Shabbat Chol HaMoed, 7:15pm

Shabbat, April 11 Pesach III, Day 2 of the Omer

  • Havdalah after 8:06pm

Sunday, April 12 Pesach IV, Day 3 of the Omer

Monday, April 13 Pesach V, Day 4 of the Omer

Tuesday, April 14 Pesach VI, Day 5 of the Omer

  • Candle Lighting for Yom Tov, 7:18pm

Wednesday, April 15 Pesach VII, Day 6 of Omer

  • Candle Lighting for Second Day, after 8:17pm

Thursday, April 16 Pesach VIII, Day 7 of Omer

  • Time for Havdalah/End of Pesach, 8:11pm*

*Please allow at least a half an hour before accessing your sold chametz to allow Rabbi Kelman to buy it back.