Amiel BaKehila Community Program

First Delegation: September 17-18, 2019

KBR is pleased to announced a wonderful opportunity for Northern New Mexico. It’s called the Amiel BaKehila program. In short, the state of Israel sends out representatives/engagers to small communities around the world 5 times a year, for free. Read more about the program here:

Download Santa Fe’s first Amiel BaKehila delegation itinerary and description.

Kol BeRamah is pleased to be coordinating Santa Fe’s participation in the Amiel BaKehila program, and is nominally the host organization for Santa Fe, but this is really something that the entire community is encouraged to participate in! The more, the merrier!

If you or an organization you are involved would like to participate in future events, please email Naomi Israel.

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, September 17

  • 6:30-7pm – Israel Cafe & Meet the Delegates at Kol BeRamah
    Vegetarian Menu: Pita, Hummus with Moroccan-Spiced Mushrooms, Israeli Salad, Shakshuka, Fruit & Dessert
  • 7-8pm – Brief presentations from each delegate
    • The Song of Return” – Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider
    • “A for Ox, D for Fish” – Margalit Frydman
    • “Ladino & Piyyut Songs Built Around Metaphors and Myths” – Dr. Ariel Lazarus

Wednesday, September 18

  • 11am-1pm – Lunch & Learn Program at Kol BeRamah
    Vegetarian Menu: Bagels, Lox, Whitefish Salad, Veggie Platter, Cucumber Salad, Gazpacho, Cookies & Fruit
    • “A Virtual Tour of Israel’s Ancient Synagogues” – Margalit Frydman, 11am
    • “Rav Kook’s Teachings on Teshuvah/Repentance” – Rabbi Goldscheider, 12pm
    • Pre-Concert Talk – Dr. Ariel Lazarus, 1pm
  • 4:30-6pm – Family Program with Margalit Frydman at Los Alamos Jewish Center
  • 4:30-6pm – Rabbi Goldscheider at TBS Hebrew School (Grades 4-7) – “The Secret of the Shofar”
  • 7pm – Ariel Lazarus in a Concert of Ladino Music at Temple Beth Shalom (FREE)
    Co-Sponsored by Kol BeRamah, Temple Beth Shalom, Institute for Tolerance Studies, & the Jewish Federation of NM

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

Community Educator

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider served for twenty years in pulpits in Florida and New York, before his aliyah to Israel in 2012. He is author of two books: ‘The Light That Unites‘, which focuses on Chanukah, and ‘The Night That Unites Haggadah’ (Urim Press) and ‘ לילה של אחדות ’ (Yediot Achronot Press) which highlights the teachings of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, Rabbi Isaac HaKohen Kook and Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on the Passover Seder. He is also the founding director of the “In Our Hearts Project” which is dedicated to being a resource in the Jewish community for families that have experienced the loss of a child.

Dr. Ariel Lazarus

Arts Ambassador

Ariel is the musical director of the Israeli Ladino Orchestra. He performs concerts worldwide and gives master classes. Brought up in a family with Jewish musical roots (Hazannut) both in Gibraltar and Westphalia, he began composing and playing the guitar in his teens, and has been committed to developing his own compositional language ever since, always maintaining an open dialogue with his traditions.

Ariel’s symphonic works where premiered by the Israeli Ra’anana Symphony Orchestra , and his chamber works by various performers in Germany, USA, France, Luxemburg, Hungary Gibraltar and Israel. Ariel’s recordings where released by the German based label “SmoothFactor” and recieved critical acclaim by various News Papers, TV and Radio shows (Haaretz, IBA, KAN Tarbut, 88 FM, Neue Westfalishe etc)

Ariel received his Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University, in addition to diplomas in classical guitar performance and composition from the Oklahoma City University where he studied with American composer Dr. Edward Knight. He currently holds a position as music lecturer at the Academic College for Music Education “Givat Washington”, and the “Rimon School of Music”.

Margalit Frydman

Israel Engager

Margalit Frydman has worked as a tour guide for the last 30 years. She has a B.A. from Hebrew University in Jewish history and Archaeology and an Masters of Ars in Land of Israel studies in Bar Ilan University. She finished the SPNI guiding course in 1984 and the Ministry of tourism guiding course in 1996

Her favorite topics are the Second Temple period and nature. She loves guiding and teaching about Israel; combining sources with hands on experience – including music and art.

Margalit is skilled at working with multi-age groups and connecting people to Israel. Margalit is also an accomplished artist.