Celebrate Sukkot!

Schedule of Services

Order your Lulav & Etrog by Friday, October 4!

Erev Sukkot (Sunday, October 13)

  • Candle Lighting, 6:12pm
  • Evening Services, 6:40pm

Sukkot I (Monday, October 24)

  • Morning Services, 9:00am
  • Afternoon & Evening Services, 6:15pm
  • Candle Lighting after 7:12pm*

Sukkot II (Tuesday, Oct 25)

  • Morning Services, 9:00am
  • Time for Havdalah, 7:10pm

Sukkot III – Chol HaMoed (Wednesday, Oct 26)

Sukkot IV – Chol HaMoed (Thursday, Oct 17)Photo copyright Oct 2007 by Yoninah, Wikimedia Commons.

  • Sukkah Party! 5:30pm
    Vegetarian pasta buffet, salad bar, live music, dancing & fun!
    Co-Sponsored by NJOP

Sukkot V – Chol HaMoed (Friday, Oct 18)

  • Candle Lighting, 6:05pm
  • Kabbalat Shabbat & Evening Services, 6:10pm

Sukkot VI – Shabbat Chol HaMoed (Oct 19)

  • Rambam Study, 8:30am
  • Shabbat Morning Services, 9:00am, with Kiddush in the Sukkah
  • Time for Havdalah, 7:05pm

Sukkot VII (Hoshana Rabba) (Sunday, Oct 20)

  • Hoshana Rabba Services, 9:00am with Breakfast in the Sukkah!

You are also invited to celebrate

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

September 30 – October 2

Sukkot VII (Hoshana Rabba) (Sunday, October 20)

  • Candle Lighting, 6:03pm (for Shmini Atzeret)
  • Evening Services, 6:20pm

Shmini Atzeret (Monday, October 21)

  • Morning Services, 9:00am
  • Yizkor, approximately 10:45am
  • Evening Services, followed by Hakafot, Dancing & Kiddush, 7:00pm
  • Candle Lighting after 7:03pm*

Simchat Torah (Tuesday, October 22)

  • Morning Services, 9:00am
  • Hakafot & Dancing approximately 10:00am
  • Simchat Torah Lunch following Services
  • Time for Havdalah, 7:03p

* Reminder: these candles should be lit by transferring from an existing flame.