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We offer broad range of classes throughout the week, from Beginning Hebrew to Advanced Talmud.

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Special Sessions with Rabbi Ron!

Truth & Lies

Sunday, Nov 4 (& Nov 18), 7pm @KBR
Often, we find ourselves in situations that put us on the spot. We may have to answer direct questions about ourselves or others. We may need to give someone information to protect their interests, but what if that information contains details that seem like we are speaking derogatorily of another person? Are we allowed to change details to protect ourselves or others? Is that a lie? What about a white lie? What is truth and what is a lie?

We will analyze this question based on Torah and Talmudic sources, and discuss potential situations that could arise today.

How to Lead Services: Mussaf

Sunday, November 25, 7pm
This second installment of our Davening Series will cover the Mussaf Prayer of Shabbat morning services, a discussion of the Kaddish, and time permitting, an outline of the Amida. We will focus on the meanings of the words as well as preferred tunes. Our goal is to enable participants to lead the services!

KBR’s Regular Class Schedule

  • Songs of the Bible, 1pm @TBS
    (runs until late November 2018)
  • Navi/Prophets, 7pm
  • Beer Shiur, 7pm
  • Mishna, 8pm
  • Biblical Hebrew, 5pm
  • Talmud to Today, 7pm
  • Parsha Discussion, 7pm