Dear Friends of Kol BeRamah,

This summer, Kol BeRamah celebrates our 10th Anniversary. Over the next few months, we will be announcing a series of events to celebrate. Looking back, it is incredible to see how far we have come over the last decade. And, thanks to the generosity of our community, we have managed to grow and develop without a major emphasis on fundraising. Instead, we have always focused on building a warm, welcoming community, and encouraging growth in Torah.

We want that to continue. But it relies on people like you continuing to be generous in support of our mission.
Along with our growth as an institution comes a growth in our operating expenses. This year we signed a new, permanent contract with Rabbi Wittenstein, with a much-deserved raise in salary. We moved to a beautiful new, larger space. And increased turnouts mean each program we run is more expensive.

So we are turning to you, the community, for a Friends of Kol BeRamah membership campaign. We have tried to keep our basic membership affordable. Membership is only $50 per month ($600 per year), and you can pay by check, or register on our website by credit card.

If you are already a member, thank you so much. However, membership dues only cover about 20% of our budget. We only succeed because generous people who can, give more than just the basic membership. If you are able to be one of those people, would you please consider joining one of our giving societies?

Chevrat HaTorah (the Torah Society) is a dedicated fund that supports the Rabbi. Members make an ongoing commitment to give $1000, $3000, or $5000 per year (which can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

Chevrat HaBayit (the Building Society) supports maintaining our beautiful Beit Medrash. Sponsor a week for $1000, or a month for $4000.

You can register for any of these programs on our website, or contact KBR directly. Or, you may be receiving a phone call from one of our volunteers. Please respond as generously as you can.

Daniel M. Israel
President, Kol BeRamah

P.S. KBR is committed to financial transparency. If you have any questions about where your money goes, someone from the board would be happy to go over our budget and answer any questions.