SEED 2017 with the Agishtein Family

  • Thursday, August 3
    • 7PM Parsha Class with Rabbi Agishtein
    • 8PM Kumsitz – Prepare for Shabbos with singing and words of Torah
  • Friday, August 4
    • 7PM Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Saturday, August 5
    • 9AM Shabbat Services, followed by a community Kiddush
    • 5PM Women’s Oneg with Rn Agishtein.  Food, schmoozing, singing, and a little bit Torah.
  • Sunday, August 6
    • 5:30PM Community BBQ, Location TBA
  • Tuesday, August 8
    • 7PM Beer Shiur: Kuzari
    • 8PM From Talmud to Today with Rabbi Agishtein, topic TBA
  • Thursday, August 10
    • 5:30PM Challah Baking
    • 7PM Parsha Class with Rabbi Agishtein
  • Friday, August 11
    • 7PM Kabbalat Shabbat
  • Saturday, August 12
    • 9AM Shabbat Services, followed by Shabbat Lunch Discussion: Philosophical, Mystical and Halachic Aspects of Blessing People
  • Sunday, August 13
    • 8:30AM Hike TBA
  • Tuesday, August 15
    • 7PM Beer Shiur: Kuzari
    • 8PM From Talmud to Today with Rabbi Agishtein, topic TBA
  • Wednesday, August 16
    • 6PM Farewell Ice Cream Social

Rabbi Shlomo Agishtein is one of the last people to receive a secret bris under the rule of the USSR. He was fortunate enough to be born to parents whose intellectual and spiritual thirst brought them back to their Jewish heritage despite still living behind the Iron Curtain. Shlomo moved to the United States as a 1-year old immigrant. He grew up in the heart of the yeshiva world, in the then-small town of Lakewood, NJ. Shlomo learned from R’ Elya Svei and R’ Shmuel Kamenetzky while attending high school and beth medrash, and continued his studies in Israel before heading back to his hometown of Lakewood to pursue rabbinical ordination in Beth Medrash Govoha. In addition to his Torah studies, Shlomo received the classical Russian education in the humanities (although his 6-year old attempts at piano lessons failed after his piano tutor declared his ear for music “unteachable”). He is also interested in the technical and mathematical fields, and is pursuing dual degrees in mathematics and computer science at a local college. Shlomo keeps busy by juggling his Torah teaching, his kollel studies, his college courses, and his three rambunctious children (the kids have developed very thick skulls). In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, cooking, hiking, reading, and boxing. He will be starting a new position as Rabbi in Stoneybrook, NY in the fall.

Dr. Peryl Agishtein dreamed of becoming a National Geographic photojournalist, a ballerina, or a librarian (preferably for the library from Beauty and the Beast; and preferably all three at once). She was ultimately inspired to become a scientist and a psychologist by her parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Jacob Grossman, who imbued her with two key values of intellectual curiosity and a passion to help others. Her interest in biology and in the puzzle of assessment led her to pursue a specialization in neuropsychology, while her interests in interpersonal dynamics attracted her to attachment research. Her doctoral dissertation investigated how attachment to G-d interacts with everyday stress and anxiety; she was inspired to examine this idea by her Jewish faith and her deep belief in G-d, as well as years of philosophical discussions with her father. Peryl is currently the head of the Assessment Department in a local community clinic that primarily services the Jewish community. Peryl spends her free time with her husband and three children, and loves to hike, travel, photograph, and play piano (slightly better than her husband’s) whenever she has the opportunity.  She tries not to psychoanalyze her children too much.